Why the Nigeria Police won’t stop taking bribes

nigeria police bribed
Sergeant Adedayo Aribisala a Nigeria police force NPF officer working under the area P (Area Papa) popularly known as “Baba Ayewo” Observation Father.
 Talking about the Nigeria 1999 constitution, should it be amended or not? He said in his reply that they are lot that needs to be amended “Nigerian are not slaves did they want to kill us”
 He was asked why Nigerian police collect bribe, Sergeant Adedayo said sometimes it doesn’t come from their mind to collect bribe but they need to feed themselves and family.
But they collect salary, why do they need to collect bribe to feed themselves and families? Sargent Adedayo said concerning their salary they should be increment,he said their main salary is #42,000 which can’t help a family man or woman, they make use of their salaries for maintenance of their uniforms and shoes which is not supposed to be, that why lot of the NPF looks bad when they appear outside, to get another  uniform it will cost them the sum of #35,000, Adedayo said from above they are surplus of this uniform but they refuse to supply it to them, though some state supplies the policemen but they need more of it.
In terms of security, Nigeria pays taxes, citizens pay for security but they are not paying the NPF which their duties are to secure life and properties. Lot of the NPF officers that uses cars, own houses and, look good depends on loan so they will look good and kit.
He also said that sometimes if there is an announcement of salary increment, another issues of Economy, Fuel scarcity etc. will come up and they will have to leave the issues of the increment of NPF salaries aside. Sergeant Adedayo started the NPF  in the year 2002 with the monthly salaries of #2500 later he started collecting allowances of #1500 before the main salary was increased to the present price .

Sometimes some of their men die and they will be announcement on air that the family of the dead officer should not worry, they will make a lot of promises but those are just ordinary air talk because they won’t fulfill their promises.
Maintenance of police van, policemen maintain their van themselves, the team that will make use of the van will fuel it with their money, so where should all this money be coming from, is it their main salaries? These are some reasons why the NPF collects bribe. Lot of people did not know what they are going through and when they see them they started raining curses on them, this usually get them angry and that’s why they don’t always want to show.  These are some reasons why the NPFs collect bribe. Lot of people did not know what they are going through and when they see them they started raining curses on them, this usually get them angry and that why they don’t always want to show mercy sometimes considering standing under the hot sun just because they are working to save lives and properties. Sergeant Adedayo Aribisala begging the top leaders to please show mercy and attend to them, they need help, increment of salaries, allowance, their uniform and van maintenance and so on.

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